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About Deposit Rocket | Home and House Deposit Bonds

Our Mission
Deposit Rocket provides a quick and simple solution to a stressful problem in the home buying process - the home deposit. Our mission is to reduce up-front costs, reduce friction, save customers time, and make physical deposit cheques a thing of the past.
No loans, no bank visits, no wasting time!
Our Story
It was a cold and snowy Canadian January in the year 2019. Don Miller, Deposit Rocket’s founder, was driving through the windy roads of Etobicoke, Ontario - flirting with the idea of a new house for his growing family.

Then it happened. He saw the one - a new home listing he loved so much he rushed his wife out to look at the house that same afternoon.

Of course, the sellers were taking offers the following day - competition was high and the stakes even higher. Both Don and his wife were enamored. Hearts were set.

To secure the necessary deposit Don’s brave and pregnant wife drove through a snowstorm to certify a cheque at the bank - all the while their realtor had to make a treacherous 2-hour drive through the white, unforgiving death of Canadian winter. Up hill - both ways.
After all that stress, effort, and time, they weren't the winning bidders. The offer and deposit were light and the cheque had to be delivered and re-deposited in the bank. Of course - this arduous and archaic paper check process would have to be repeated on all future offers.

Don thought: There has to be a better way! And - after researching Australia's deposit bond process - Deposit Rocket was born.

Luckily - Don already owned Ai Insurance Organization - a growing bonding and insurance brokerage which he has since expanded into a team of 40+, thousands of clients, and millions of insurance and surety bonding sales.

Don selected five passionate and hardworking team members from the Ai to start the new venture in 2021.
Meet The Team
Our Values
We are responsible for our actions.
We strive to treat others the way we want to be treated and give back to the community.
Honesty and trust within our community.
We value everyone’s time.
We believe in each other’s strengths and lift each other where necessary.
Deposit Rocket is operated by Ai Insurance Organization Inc. in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island
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