Buying a home and deposit money tied up in your
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It's quicker & easier than a cash deposit!
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  • What is a Deposit Rocket Guarantee?

    It is simply a guarantee that you will pay the required deposit upon closing of the home. Deposit Rocket Guarantees are now used when submitting an offer instead of a traditional cash deposit.

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  • Who Qualifies?

    If you are a Canadian resident, over the age of 18 who is purchasing an owner-occupied home, you are eligible!

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  • What are the Benefits?

    Deposit Rocket is quicker and easier than freeing up a cash deposit.

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Simple Process
  • Apply for a Deposit Rocket.
  • Issued instantly online and delivered to you and your licensed realtor.
  • Deposit Rocket is inserted into your offer instead of a cash deposit.
  • At closing, simply pay full purchase price.
Deposit Rocket Advantages

Deposit Rocket Guarantees are quicker and easier than the traditional method of freeing up a cash deposit.


5-minute online application, instant issuance!


No Banks or bridge loans

No arranging & delivering certified cheques

Your Money stays in the market

Can make unlimited number of offers, no extra cost!

Cost effective

No home appraisal

No Line of Credit applications

No investment breakage fees

Sellers & Agents

Insured by Northbridge General Insurance Corporation rated “A” (excellent) by A.M. Best, “A-” (strong) by S&P, and “A” (good) by DBRS.

Larger Deposits, More Offers

Guaranteed Deposits

Email directly to your licensed realtor

Increase amount or term instantly

Same or better position a cash deposit

Deposit Rocket Cost:

Plus Policy Fee.

O.A.C. and terms & conditions apply.

Fee Calculator
Deposit Rocket Guarantees :
Up to $100,000
Up to 9 months
Up to 10% of the home purchase price
Unlimited offers can be made!
Why Canadians Trust Deposit Rocket
Deposit Rocket

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Antree Demakos
14 days ago

Antree Demakos, J.D., CEO of, a federal non-profit organization providing Canadians with free legal help for over 25 years, says, "Deposit Rocket Guarantees provide home buyers with fast, online access to deposit funds which are backed by an 'A-rated' insurer. This ‘Guarantee’ is as secure for the Seller as receiving a certified cheque. We are excited to connect our four million annual users to this innovative and much-needed service."

James Benson
16 days ago

I just did my first deal with this product. It was simple and straight-forward for the client to complete all the steps to get the Deposit Rocket in place.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who is the provider of Deposit Rocket?
Deposit Rocket is a licensed insurance brokerage and insured by the Northbridge General Insurance Corporation rated “A” (excellent) by A.M. Best, “A-” (strong) by S&P, and “A” (good) by DBRS.
How much does it cost?
Deposit Rocket has a one-time cost based on the deposit amount and the term required. Our Fee Calculator can provide a cost estimate instantly.
Can I refund or transfer my Deposit Rocket?
No, refunds are not available but you have flexibility in using your Deposit Rocket – you can extend the term duration, change the amount, and use it on as many offers as you’d like until you are the successful Buyer for the residential property of your choice.
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